A message from OSAKO

We Osako & Company, since our foundation in 1916, have been responding to every single need of our clients all over the world, and have always been engaged in developing the saddle stitchers that meet up to the quality of the“Next Generation”industry.

Many of our saddle stitchers have tremendously dedicated to the world of book bindery, those which have been developed for higher productivity by the technology innovation without making any compromises.

Nowadays, information media has diversified into paperless digital media etc., however the media at the downstream is still being united into papers=Books. People in instinct still need to “record down on paper”in order to memorize the fast-flowing information culture. It is part of our lives, something we all need, all the time. Thus, in this most recent time, higher valued, advanced, innovative, safer and easy-to-operate bookbinding machinery products are required, as well as such high-valued books. Focused on the“automation”by the latest electric technology, our products now can be set up easily with shorter time, when such product-setups always needed well-trained, skilled operators. We have a self-confidence in believing that this is the result of looking into the trend of next era, which we now see the aging workforce and need for more efficient workforce.

Our products are manufactured with one of the highest technologies in the world, and their market share has expanded to outside Japan, in areas such as other Asian regions, Oceania, Middle-East, Europe, North America, South America, The Federation of Russia, and other rapidly-developing and growing regions such as South Asia...including Sri Lanka and India. We will keep pushing forward with manufacturing products that are beloved by our clients.

In August 2007, our brand new office building was built, consisting of a showroom on 1st floor and main office on 2nd. We strongly believe that you can feel the new Osako technology and the value-added products here in our main building. Please feel free to stop by any time when you visit Japan.