Corporate history


1916 Founded Osako Printing & Book at 36 Konya-cho, Kanda-ku, Tokyo. Started manufacturing wire stitching
1946 Incorporated as Osako Printing & Book Limited Partnership.
1947 Changed the corporate name to Osako Manufacturing Limited Partnership with JP Yen 330,000 in capital. Developed automatic saddle stitching machine Model
1957 Released new models GNTK-II and GNTK-III.
1960 Developed automatic rotary feeder GN-5.
1964 To cope with increasing demand of production volume in publications industry, developed high speed saddle stitcher RS-5 and rotary feeder OS-5.
1966 Increased capital to JP Yen 1,320,000.
1967 Changed corporate name to Osako & Co., Ltd. with capital of JP Yen 3,470,000 in Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
1968 Introduced high speed saddle stitcher RS-6 and rotary feeder OS-6.
1969 Moved headquarters and factory to Urawa, Saitama.
1971 Developed 3-knife trimmer for fully automated saddle stitching system.
1972 Increased capital to JP Yen 10,000,000.
1973 Entered into distributorship agreement with Consolidated International Corp., U.S.A. and started overseas operations. Established subsidiary company Osako Seiki Co., Ltd. in Higashi Okitama, Yamagata for a large scale production.
1974 Set up branch in Osaka.
1977 Increased capital to current JP Yen 20,000,000.
1980 Added 2nd plant at Osako Seiki Co., Ltd.
1981 Developed fully automatic saddle stitching system 368 and introduced at DRUPA 81 in Duesseldorf, Germany.
1982 Started exports to Russia.
1983 Introduced full automatic compact saddle stitcher system 173 at IGAS 83, Tokyo. Exhibited System 368 at International Exposition in Moscow, Russia and was awarded golden prize by the Russian Chamber of Commerce.
1984 Exhibited System 368 at IPEX 84 in Birmingham, England.
1985 Exhibited System s 368 and 173 at PRINT 85 in Chicago, USA. Exhibited new computer equipped cross stacker 206 at IGAS 85.
1986 Exhibited Systems 368 and 173 at DRUPA 86 in Germany. Added 3rd plant at Osako Seiki Co., Ltd. with 5-dimension machining center for automated productions of saddle stitchers, trimmers, etc.
1987 Released vertical loading super speed saddle stitcher System 525 at IGAS 87 Exhibition in Tokyo.
1991 Newly introduced super high speed full automatic saddle stitching Systems 535 and 665, and computerized cross stackers Models 207 and 208 at IGAS91, Makuhari Messe.
1995 Newly introduced high speed full automatic saddle stitching systems378 and reverse (back) stitching system 612-U.
2000 Developed front-cut-first OT-2000 3-knife trimmer.
2002 Introduced Estar, featuring cost performance by electronics. Received reputation as the bestselling stitcher in Asia.
2003 Introduced fully automatic saddle stitcher Tener, upgraded version of System 378, and highest grade Poder at IGAS 03.
2007 Inaugurated new office building with showroom. Released Tener Alpha, successor model of bestseller Tener, at IGAS 07.
2012 In May, exhibited two fully automatic saddle stitcher Tener Alpha and Micro at DRUPA 2012 in Duesseldorf, Germany. Delivered the exhibited Micro to the biggest printing company in Baltic country (Latvia).
2013 Developed and released“Electro signature thickness detector”, one and only special technology in the industry, which detects trimming error defects, dog-ear, corner cut error on the spine etc. The first trial to retrofit on 3-knife trimmer. Received orders for total quantity of 24 from top three biggest printing companies in Japan. Made an application for a patent. At Osako’s showroom, an open house event brought so much reputation from many of our customers.