Production and Assembly Line

Production Line

Five-dimensional process machining center is engaged in high-precision processing of Stitcher and three-knife trimmer frames. Multiple production of Rotary feeder frames is made here also, as well as process by NC plaining.
In this machining center which possesses those production technologies, all kinds of works are done automatically, such as plaining, drilling, and tap processing. Uncompromising work is capable on micron-basis with superior precision, and the well-controlled quality is always kept as our standard.

①Five-dimensional process machining center ②Vertical machining center ③Processing line by NC machining ④Line processing by machining center

Assembly Line

OSAKO high-speed fully automatic saddle stitcher consists of units such as stitcher, three-knife trimmer, rotary feeders, cross stacker and delivery conveyor. Assembly process is done on production line of each unit.
Also, in Osako assembly lines, the following processes are done very speedy and carefully: Assembly, wiring/electrical check, test-on-the-run, test running, ex-factory inspection and shipping.

①Stitcher assembly line ②Rotary feeder assembly line ③Three-knife trimmer assembly line ④Test-on-the-run and/or ex-factory inspection.